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How to tell the difference between a winter and summer flounder(fluke):

Lay flounder flat on a surface with the head facing your left hand.  A winter flounder will have their eyes closer to you while their mouth would then be above their eyes.  also, their mouth is considerably smaller and doesn't go past their eyes.   A summer flounder will have their eyes swiveled to the top of their heads and their mouth will be under their eyes.  Their mouth will actually also extend behind their eyes. 

The winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes Americanus, is a right eyed flatfish, native to coastal waters of the western north Atlantic coast.  It is the most common near-shore (shallow water) flounder, reaching a maximum size around 61cm. (24in.) in length and weigh up to 8lbs.

Unlike most fish that spawn in nearshore waters during the spring, the winter flounder comes inshore to spawn during the winter, the flounder produces a specialized anti-freeze protein in their body.  The diet of the Winter Flounder is typical of fish that live along the bottom.  They feed on shrimp, amphipods, sandworms and smaller fish.  One of the flounder's favorite meals is the siphon tip of the hard clam.  Sandworms are generally used when fishing.

Winter Flounder